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Stella Farms Inc.

Our Story

"Let the people eat"

Joe & Rose Stella aka Grandmom & Grandpop 

Stella Farms most notably known for our Sweet Corn, Tomatoes and Strawberries was started back in 1921 when our grandparents Joe and Rose Stella decided to move and raise a family in  South Jersey and made New Freedom Rd in Winslow Twp our family home. What originally started as a garden to provide for the family has grown over 5 generations to what Stella Farms is today! Thanks to our grandparents we inherited strong work ethic, love for the land and our nation, and sense of community that we will continue to pass onto our future generations. In 2022 Stella Farms added 53 acres to Farmland Preservation to prevent future development and guaranteeing this land will always be farmland in the future.

Our Farm Family

We would not be where we are without ALL our employees!!! We consider them all our family!!!

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